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11.58 (197.69%)
Top Loser
4.82 (-51.31%)
Investment Amount
100 USD
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Prospective Return = Price Change * Investment Amount * Leverage 1:4.

The result of previous investments do not guarantee the same results in the future.

RoboForex Stocks

At RoboForex, we understand that time is money and the vision for the future may be a work in progress. So, we set out to create an easy to use service with real exchange execution.

No matter if you’re an experienced investor looking for a simple, cost-effective platform or a newcomer looking for an investment that reflects your interests and passions, RoboForex provides you with a platform and tools to achieve your unique investing goals. We do not make unrealistic claims about the profitability of trading. For us, RoboForex Stocks is a serious business and we strive to provide our clients with opportunities to invest in Technology, Commodities, Markets, and Brands you know.

Ticker Signal Last Target
ACPW BUY 0.21 2042.86%
ENI BUY 13.75 1237.09%
CLSN BUY 0.27 1174.07%
ALQA BUY 0.65 1129.23%
ABIO BUY 2.70 640.74%
AMTX BUY 1.14 601.75%
ALIM BUY 1.43 459.44%
AVEO BUY 0.64 431.25%
BPTH BUY 0.80 261.25%
RDHL BUY 10.42 245.49%
Ticker Last % Change
HTGM 11.58 197.69%
LPTX 8.77 17.25%
FUEL 5.25 16.93%
BCOV 9.25 15.62%
PLSE 29.19 12.27%
ITIC 146.75 10.13%
DXCM 83.69 10.02%
ATV 9.60 8.35%
GEMP 12.18 7.98%
LAYN 8.49 7.88%
Ticker Last % Change
XENE 4.82 -51.31%
FINL 13.37 -16.59%
USCR 59.75 -10.49%
CDOR 10.44 -9.14%
LONE 4.99 -7.42%
COLL 11.78 -7.39%
VIVE 4.76 -7.21%
SXC 8.44 -6.84%
BOOM 11.75 -6.75%
TVIX 38.58 -6.52%

How to Start

How to Trade

Use Trading Ideas

RoboForex Stocks

  • Real stock market from 100 USD

    Don’t miss out on your next great opportunity to invest in Google, Apple, Ford, Netflix.

  • Access and understand trading insights like never before

    Want to invest in IT, banking, rising interest rates, shale oil, and so on? Get the ideas customized by the trading community, reflecting unique industry trends, trading strategies, and personal values.

  • Wide access

    Take a position in more than 8,400 global stocks, including 1,000 ETFs.

  • Buy & Hold strategies

    Try to achieve long-term growth in the stock markets.

  • Corporate Actions

    RoboForex takes care of all stock`s corporate events like cash dividends, splits, mergers, and more.

Example of Buy & Hold strategy

Going green is a phenomenon that is driving big investments in clean technology. Worldwide, governments have adopted renewable standards and started to promote clean energy development. For example, over the past years, electric carmaker Tesla has emerged as the torchbearer of the cleantech industry. The company's Model S launched in 2012 took the automobile industry by storm. In addition, Tesla has been aggressive in its forecast for vehicle deliveries by 2020.

Umstel Trading Platform

  • Flexible, responsive trading platform
  • Easily organized workspace
  • One-click trading
  • Real exchange execution

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