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Learn about all new opportunities offered by R Trader trading platform and invest in more than 12,000 popular instruments.

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R Trader - Multi-asset web-based trading platform

  • 9,400+ instruments: Stocks, Indices, ETFs, Forex, Crypto
  • No market data fee. No monthly fee. No minimum volume requirements
  • All corporate events supported and handled by the system automatically
  • Trading robots builder. No programming skills required

R Trader features the fastest industry web-based financial charts and advanced technical analysis tools.

default and 100+ custom timeframes



R Trader features custom and system watchlists. User can edit custom watchlists by adding/removing instruments. System watchlists like Top losers, Top gainers, Volume leaders are updated by the system in real-time.

Trading from chart

Active Orders and Deals instantly synchronized with charts. Editing Stop and Limit orders have never been so easy and native either with drag-and-drop or touch screen devices.

One-Click Trading

With "One-click trading" tool user can enter a position fast and safe. Predefined volume saved for each instrument individually.

  • Order management after and before trading sessions: place and modify Take Profit, Stop Loss, Limit, and Stop even when the market is closed, and they will be executed after the trading session starts.
  • You can chart two or more assets on the same chart for comparison.
  • See the potential margin impact and commissions for an order.
  • Linking scheme. Any instrument you click in the terminal linked with one or multiple charts. No need to spend time finding the instrument on charts.
  • Multiple chart layouts. Customize, save and use different trader's workspaces.


All of R Trader trading servers and database are fully redundant and scalable. Data transmission encrypted with SSL protocol. All components of R Trader Suite are complied with EU regulation requirements.


You are now leaving stock.roboforex.com and moving to an affiliate website of RoboForex group.

You are now leaving stock.roboforex.com and moving to an affiliate website of RoboForex group.

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