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the world’s all pivotal markets from a single account

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100 USD
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Prospective Return = Price Change * Investment Amount * Leverage 1:4.

The result of previous investments do not guarantee the same results in the future.

R Trader

When it comes to trading terminals, trader preferences are centered on a user-friendly platform, with top traded instruments and fully customizable indicators. With the continuous growth of the online trading market, simplicity and efficiency is needed. This is where R Trader multi-asset web platform comes in. It combines modern technology, classic but innovative design, and access to the world largest financial markets.

Eliminating the hassle of installing additional software, downloading updates, or clearing the RAM of your computer.
R Trader is a brand-new trading platform, which is available on any browser its performance as powerful as any desktop platform. In R Trader, every trader will find all the necessary tools to suit their trading needs alongside competitive trading conditions that will help to exploit the potential of the platform.

Ticker Last % Change
LILAR 0.54 54.29%
ONTXW 0.06 50.00%
PPSI 2.66 49.44%
CBAT 2.50 45.35%
OEG 0.90 32.35%
JE 0.66 29.41%
OPTT 1.27 27.00%
JRJC 9.00 20.97%
CEI 0.77 20.31%
NCTY 1.02 20.00%
Ticker Last % Change
KBNTW 0.62 -47.46%
SHIPZ 0.02 -33.33%
USWSW 0.02 -33.33%
ESSCW 0.17 -29.17%
GDYNW 1.31 -28.42%
GXGXW 1.27 -27.43%
ANDAW 0.30 -23.08%
VMACW 0.24 -22.58%
TOTAW 0.45 -22.41%
GHIVW 1.74 -20.91%
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How to Start

How to Trade

Build trading robot

R Trader

  • Trade Global Markets

    With access to all major global markets, you can capture all potential trading opportunities from one platform. With over 9,400 stocks, FX, Indices, ETF’s and Cryptocurrencies the possibilities are endless.

  • Buy & Hold Strategies

    Take advantage of the thousands of stock listings and implement long term strategic positions that enable long term growth and enhance trading portfolios. Utilize the 1:1 leverage and low fee structure to create long term strategic investments.

  • Strategy Builder

    Build and implement automated strategies with no knowledge of code or programming. Using the built in Strategy Builder you can now use your knowledge to create and implement countless strategies with a few clicks.

  • User Friendly

    Eliminating complexity and build with user friendly accessibility, R Trader user friendly interface will permit the utilization of your time and allow the refocus on investment rather than navigation.

  • Corporate Actions

    RoboForex takes care of all stock`s corporate events like cash dividends, splits, mergers, and more.

Multi Asset Trading

With the growth of the online investment market, it is imperative to diversify your portfolio and to have accessibility to take advantage of the arising investment opportunities. R Trader provides the ability to enter to world of Stocks, FX, Indices, ETF’s and Crypto Currencies from one terminal. Whatever your preferred investment asset is, R Trader provides the diversity, execution speed, and low cost you are looking for. Tackling multiple user centric properties, R Trader was created with the investor in mind.

R Trader Multi Asset Platform

  • User Friendly, Flexible, Responsive
  • Multichart mode & Watchlists
  • Trading from chart & One-click trading
  • Free algorithmic strategy builder. No programming skills required

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You are now leaving stock.roboforex.com and moving to an affiliate website of RoboForex group.

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